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Realising the frustration of lost issues and the inconvenience of abnormally delayed delivery prompted CNA to venture into airfreighting of journals for its own subscribers through its offices in the UK and the US, way back in 1980.

It was almost like a revolution in delivery of journals when subscribers could hope to receive their journals within a fortnight of publication and with absolutely no postal losses. Other subscription agencies followed suit and now almost all have similar arrangements. Soon after the introduction and of the new system, CNA was ready to offer this distribution service to publishers who were inclined to offer faster and safer delivery of their journals to India without the related problems. The initial users of this service included Business Press (now Reed Business), Blackwell Scientific Publishers and American Medical Association.

Lately, some publishers/mailing agents have contracted out the local delivery within India to courier companies. However, only a subscription agency understands journals and can do this job well. We realise the importance of safe and quick delivery and aim to provide the subscribers in India and the publishers a trouble free and assured service as far as delivery of journals is concerned.

We have a dedicated team to handle the distribution services. Our own staff clears and collects the incoming shipments from the airport, the day they arrive in New Delhi. Upon transportation of the shipment to our office, all incoming issues are recorded in our automated system and if need be, a cross check is made with the packing list provided by the publisher and any missing copies that are detected are immediately reported to the publisher

Issues are mailed out by registered post or courier or hand delivered, within forty eight hours of their arrival in our office. The despatch records for these issues with the complete details of the registration number/ courier waybill number and the proof of despatch/delivery are preserved for a period of three years. The despatch records are available to the publishers in electronic format for integrating into their system if required.

A few of our satisfied clients are listed below :

� American Mathematical Society USA www.ams.org/journals � American Medical Association USA www.ama-assn.org � Bone & Joint Journal (formerly JBJS-British) UK www.boneandjoint.org � British Medical Association UK www.journals.bmj.com � CABI Publishing UK www.cabi.org � Headley Brothers Limited UK � Hinduism Today USA www.hindu.org � Hudson Review USA http://www.hudsonreview.com/new/about/ � Indian Council of Philosophical Research INDIA http://www.icpr.in � Journal of Library & Information Science INDIA � New England Journal of Medicine USA www.nejm.org � Portland Press UK http://www.portlandpress.com/pp/journals/default.htm � Royal Society of Chemistry UK www.rsc.org � University of Hawaii Press USA www2.hawaii.edu � University of Toronto Press CANADA www.utpjournals.com

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