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CNA today, is probably the most organized, efficient and customer friendly subscription agency in India. Being in the field since 1936, CNA has continuously changed and adapted its functioning with the sole aim of customer satisfaction. Our wide and varied profile of customers spread over the country and outside speaks for the level of services provided by us. CNA has made drastic changes in its functions and systems over the past few years and has also constantly introduced new value added services for its customers.

The entire subscription processing operation has been automated, which few other subscription agencies in India have done till now. Our current database contains some 17000 titles from about 5000 odd publishers. This database is updated on a daily basis to provide clients with the access to the latest information on any journal. All payments to overseas publishers are made through our dedicated bank accounts in London and New York, eliminating delay at the local bank's level, considering the exchange control regulations in the country.

The high reputation that CNA enjoys in this field has been acquired through years of experience and efficient service, which is today our biggest asset and assists our marketing efforts in a big way.

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